Shell version 1.3 [3629]

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    • Bug fixes
    • New
      • Customize the appearance of the context menu with 4 optional themes(black, white, dark, light).
      • Support Windows 32-bit
      • Support Windows 11
      • str.capitalize, str.res, str.guid
      • sys.sleep, msg.beep
      • path.separator
      • this.title, this.type, this.pos, this.checked,, this.verb (applay for static items)
      • 'where' property (applay for static and dynamic item)
      • 'column' property (applay for dynamic item)
    • Add a new UI to manage registration
    • Add a new property parent to dynamic items
    • Bug fixes Thanks (Tomasz Tomasik, Matthias Derntl)
    • Bug fixes
    • First public release